Community Access to the Fox

The Fox Riverside Theater Foundation is dedicated to making the Fox accessible for a myriad of opportunities beyond our programming, but our two most popular offerings are tours and tickets!

Tours: The Foundation provides free private tours for the public of the Fox Performing Arts Center, including a discussion of the rich history of this beautiful venue, for individuals, and small and large groups.

Free Tickets: The Foundation’s agreement with the City of Riverside provides our organization with a limited number of free tickets for certain shows, which we are able to provide to registered 501(c)(3) organizations for fundraising purposes. How this typically works: a community nonprofit provides our organization with their fundraising event flyer, and we in turn provide a voucher for auction or raffle for two tickets to a specific show, which must be redeemed by contacting our foundation directly. Once the voucher is redeemed, the tickets may be picked up by winners from our Foundation directly on the day of the show when doors open, and at times may include VIP lounge access if that option is available to us. (For voucher winners arriving at this page, please redeem your tickets by contacting the Fox Foundation today!)

Public Access Projects: For local non-profits and community groups, the Foundation assists with connecting interested parties to our Live Nation industry partner on public access projects at the Fox, which may include but are not limited to: open houses, special community events that benefit the public at large, and historical walking tours.

For all other requests, such as rental space or artist/show bookings, please contact Ms. Sean Monique Faustina-Smolak, Director of Sales at Riverside Live (the Fox Performing Arts Center’s management company) at .

Investing in Our Community and its Future through Access to the Arts