Little Women – Master Class

Moriel Behar, cast member of Little Women, gives Riverside HS student acting cues.

One morning this week we had an incredible Master Class at King High School, which included students from King HS, Poly HS, and Ramona HS. We had three cast members from Little Women, with five student performers, and more than 50 other students in the audience.

As always, the cast members went above and beyond what they were asked to do, and the student performers were so excited to interact with them. The songs the students performed were difficult pieces and they were brilliant; yet, they still took the notes of the cast members and stepped it up ANOTHER notch.

Riverside High School student Brooke Briones chats with Little Women cast members Moriel Behar and Rachel Pantazis after the show. Earlier in the day Rachel coached Brooke on her performance during a Master Class provided by the Fox Foundation

That evening one of our student performers got to talk with Little Women cast members after the show.